Effluent Sewerage

A basic tool of the decentralized concept strategy, effluent sewerage minimizes the costs and liabilities of the collection system that remains once the treatment system has been distributed as envisioned under that concept. While primary clarification at each generator is required in order to utilize effluent sewerage, it can be argued that highly distributed primary clarifiers – for which septic tanks (called “interceptor tanks” in an effluent sewerage system) are typically used – creates a sludge management system that is actually easier to address than the processes used at conventional treatment plants. A review of effluent sewerage is offered in the paper below.

Effluent Sewerage for Decentralized Concept Wastewater Systems

A review of STEG and STEP effluent sewerage strategies, including design of interceptor tanks and effluent pump stations, and sizing of effluent sewer lines.

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