System Management

The papers in this menu review how to set up and run management organizations to assure the proper operation and maintenance of distributed wastewater systems.

Winfield Township – Options for Structure and Function of the Management System

This paper was written as part of the facility planning process for Winfield Township in western Pennsylvania. It provides detailed review and discussion of the various ways to organize and run a decentralized concept management system. While much of the discussion is "framed" in the context of circumstances in Winfield Township, the generic issues are pretty universal.

Winfield Township Management Plan Flow Chart

A flow diagram offers a graphic representation of what the Winfield Township management program may have looked like when in place.

Management Program for a Decentralized Wastewater System

One of a series of monographs prepared for the Town of Washington (Wisconsin) Wastewater System Feasibility Study in 1991, this paper reviews the functions that must be performed by a management system and reviews options for organizing and executing those functions. A discussion of management of the Town's demonstration project is largely of historical interest at this point, but does further elucidate some of the choices available for management system structure and function, especially in regard to shared facilities—so-called “cluster” systems.

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